Everything started with a client's need of a wardrobe. So we joined our forces with my friend Kostas and made this unique piece of furniture!
I designed for one more time my beloved open wardrobe I've talked you about in the past here, combined with doors this time. The doors were found by Kostas and they are shutters from an old church. Kostas makes everything from old shutters and pallets.  
So this is a simple design I made so we can start working.
We collected pallets and …the rest is story! 
It was amazing with its own colors but we had to paint it so it could make a better combination with the rest of the furnitures in our client's home. So we used my magic painting technique that make colors look like old. 
The whole work was really really hard but we made it with all our love. The client had the biggest smile and we were satisfied by all means. Enjoy!
Kosta's great love Tara was our precious assistant!!! She was giving as her love when we were tired, making us laugh when we were nervous and cleaning the place from all the small pieces of wood we were leaving behind us.
My mystic magic painting technique!
 Happy client! : )

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