Anastasia Daskalopoulou is a Greek designer based in Athens. She studied furniture design, wood technology and interior design. She uses all kind of machines (from the smallest to the biggest), so she can build a wooden structure. She is a wood addict and she also loves styling, fashion, handmade creations, her vespa and capturing moments with her camera, which she always carries with her.
She is the founder of A.telio, which started on 2014, in order to give a brand to all the pieces she makes for clients or for fun. On 2016 she started organizing workshops. "I like to see myself as an eternal student and a full-time explorer. When I learn something new I want to share it. That's how workshops started. It was a need coming from inside."
She worked many years for big companies designing kitchens, furniture and wardrobes until she understood that custom made orders are what really makes her happy.“I fall in love with every order I'm asked to deliver. Custom made orders are always a beautiful challenge for me. The more free I am, the biggest smile I see on my client's face. It's such a warm feeling!”

She likes to combine wood with metal, stone, marble and cement and also mix matching styles of different centuries. 
"The most important thing, I always keep in mind, while designing is functionality. When I'm in between two ways of designing something, I always follow the functional path even if aesthetically I’m more into the other. We own so many things nowadays, more than we need, that sometimes I feel they get in our way and are bothering us. This must stop. We should have less, designed at their most functional version and make our complex life as easy as can be.” 


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